Available for these
pickup truck models:

  • Ford F-Series
  • Chevy Silverado
  • GM Sierra
  • Dodge RAM

Introducing the Pickup Tuck:

A Portable Cargo Organizer which easily converts your pickup truck bed into personal cargo space on demand.

Pickup Tuck Fits

For any pickup truck owner who has experienced the frustration of his truck bed contents shifting, spilling, and rolling toward the cab during transport, the Pickup Tuck Portable Cargo Organizer offers a functional and creative solution to keeping these items neatly stored, securely positioned, and accessible from the tailgate. The utility, ease of installation, and affordability make the Pickup Tuck a must-have accessory for every truck owner.


Easily stows in the truck cab when not in use

    Light Weight

Total packaged shipping weight is only 25.5 pounds

    Easy Installation

No tools or truck bed modification required for installation


Panels are constructed of high density polyethylene to provide weather protection

    Versatile and Inexpensive

When compared to truck bed covers and netting systems

      Made in the USA

Quality products made right here in Michigan, USA

Accessories – Coming Soon!

  • Custom Floor Mats
  • Branded Tackle/Tool Boxes & Sporting Goods Organizers
  • Branded Shelving Units and Tubs/Totes
  • Truck Bed Side Wall Mount
  • Accessory Hook/Bracket kits for hanging groceries and other items
Pickup Tuck Accessories Coming Soon

Available For Purchase SOON!

We will send you an email when they're ready to purchase.

Pickup Tuck Prototype

Pictured is an Early Prototype – See Current Model & Design in Photo Gallery

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